Hemophilia Treatment Accounts for 42% of All California Medicaid Outpatient Drug Spending, Study Finds

July 31, 2015

HealthDay (Preidt, 7/31) reported that a according to a recent study, “treatments for hemophilia … accounted for the largest share of spending on outpatient drugs among publicly insured children in California with serious chronic illnesses.” The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that “[o]verall, outpatient pharmacy costs totaled almost $476 million, or 20 percent of total health care costs. … Hemophilia treatment took a big share of outpatient drug costs: 42 percent of spending. … One type of therapy, called antihemophilic factor, accounted for 98 percent of spending on children with hemophilia, or 41 percent of total pharmacy spending—even though children treated with antihemophilic factor accounted for just 0.4 percent of all the children in the study.”