Boston Watchdog Takes Aim at Rising Drug Prices

September 13, 2015

The Boston Globe (Weisman, 9/13) reported that the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) “has launched a series of comprehensive reviews that set proposed ‘value-based’ prices for costly new prescription drugs.” For example, a draft report “says a new class of cholesterol-lowering injectables approved by US regulators this summer should cost 85 percent less than the $14,100 to $14,600 a year per patient being charged.” Drugmakers have said the institute’s methodology ignores other factors driving health costs, “savings generated by medicines that keep patients out of the hospital,” and the need for incentives to develop treatments. ICER has scheduled a hearing next month during which all parties involved, as well as the public, will be able to discuss its report on the cholesterol drugs.